Do you have a group of potential customers that might be interested in purchasing Custom T-Shirt? Do you know someone who might be interested in making their T-Shirt Brand and earning extra bucks every day? Do you believe you can indeed contribute to increasing our sales?

Well, if your answer is YES for any of the questions as stated above, we are more than happy to encourage you applying for our Affiliate Program. Unlike the rest of the world, we don’t have any restriction for promoting our products or service the way you want. It’s easy, effortless, and rewarding!


How Does Custom T-Shirt Affiliate Program Work?

We maintain a pretty simple procedure, and you hardly need to have any specific promotional method to join our Affiliate Program. However, to be considered as a valid Custom T-Shirt Affiliate Partner, you must prove us the potential, which is not a big deal for you as an affiliate, we hope.

To demonstrate how our Affiliate Program works, let’s show you a real life example;

Suppose, you run a Parenting Blog, Group, or you have a mailing list of people who are interested in parenting things. Now, you signed up and designed Custom T-Shirts related to parenting which your subscribers or group members may find interesting and go for it. With our Affiliate Program, thus you can turn your audiences into customers and earn royalties for every single unit you sell for us.


How Much Money Can You Make Per Unit Sold?

Well, it’s entirely up to you to decide how much you want to make for each unit you sell for us. We have the fixed rate for each apparel type, and the final price is set based on your demand. So, you have the freedom to choose how much you can make per unit. Besides, you have the control to change the price of the shirt and your commision rate at any time. All you need is to Contact Us and let us know that you want to increase or decrease the price for any specific design, we will manage the rest within the shortest possible time.


When Will You Be Paid?

We usually send the payments to our affiliate partners at the end of each following month. Let’s suppose you earned $500,75 as of 30th of April; you are more likely to receive the payment anytime between 30th of May to 5th of June.

Join Custom T-Shirt as an Affiliate Partner right now and Earn Commission for every single sale you generate for us. Making money has been a lot easier, right? Apply to Become an Affiliate right now and start earning your royalty.


Apply Right Now!

  • Feel free to let us know if you have any query regarding our Affiliate Program.